Convert Your Old CFL Lamp to LED Lamp

Introduction: Convert Your Old CFL Lamp to LED Lamp

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First watch the full video Then you will understand every thing

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Step 1: You Need to Buy Some LEDs As Your Wish

This type of LEDs in the Picture is not Long Lasting So, I request you to don't Go with this type of LED. These LEDs are used in Mini Christmas Light chain. If you Look Carefully then you can see LEDs shape is like a Funnel For spreading The Light. These are not great.

Step 2: Buy This LEDs

This types of LEDs are best in my opinion Because their Lighted area is very big compared to previous LEDs I will Suggest you go with this type of LEDs. These LEDs are Very Bright.

Step 3: Base for the LEDs

I am using a Circular Base For the LEDs. THose Fully fit in their desired spaces. If you don't Find this type of circular Base then go with the DOT PCB Board.

Step 4: Connection

The connection is very simple but you have to do it carefully. You have to connect all the LEDs In Series. As it is a type of diode, It has +ve and -ve pins. Connect the pins in an alternative way. I mean First LED's +ve Pin should be connected with the -ve Pin of the 2nd LED. And the connection will go long way.

Step 5: Avoid Loose Connections

For the connection section if you are only twisting the wires then don't do it. I will suggest you solder all the solder joints Otherwise or the Loose Connection The LED May Be blown.

Step 6: Connect Other Needed Components

Connect the +ve of the led with diode's Cathode

100k ohm resistor with the the -ve terminal

Step 7: Holder Connection

Connect the Holder wires with the Ending terminals of the LED and Diode.

Step 8: Secure It in Its Position With Hot Glue.

Step 9: Now the CFL to LED Conversion Is Complete You Can Use It in Your Home Appliances

Step 10: Circuit Diagram

So, Guys, that's all about this article if you have any questions then comment me below i will try to solve your answers.


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    1 year ago

    Nice idea. Can we try to use the portion of electronic circuitry which we have to discard except the compact tube?


    1 year ago

    Fun idea :)