Convert a Macbook Pro Into an IMac

Let's say you have a broken screen on a macbook pro. You could simply buy a replacement screen for under $100 and fix it yourself. However if you have a broken screen and display assembly the options are pretty limited. A replacement assembly and LCD can run you close to $800 if you have an aging mac. In this instruct able I'm going to show how I made my broken laptop into an iMac. When you disconnect the display assembly from the mac and connect via a DVI cable it will use this monitor as the main screen.

I won't show all the steps as once you see the outcome its pretty self explanatory. 

Items used:
- Macbook Pro 17in 2.4ghz Core 2 Duo w/ 4GB Ram - with display assembly removed and power cord.
- Apple Cinema Display 23in (DVI not miniDisplay port) You can use any screen I just happened to have one of these laying around, they can be expensive to get. 
- TwelveSouth Backpack for iMacs/Cinema display (if you don't use an apple screen you may have to build your own solution)
- Trendent usb 802.11n wireless adapter ( the Apple Airport is located in the screen so when you remove it you'll need to get a wifi    adapter that works on mac. I used one I had laying around the would look even better if I bought a slim adapter)
- Apple Bluetooth keyboard and magic mouse

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Do you know it it will work with the newer MBP? The one with the mini display port. Will it select the external display by itself or do i have to have a screen on it to select it


    Great idea! I would do this with my laptop if i could fine an Apple monitor that wasn't 800-1000 dollars. Even the older ones are way too expensive.


    Once the screen has been successfully removed.. Take apart the mac and remove the cable off the logic board and then reassemble, power on the mac with the external screen plugged in and it should only notice the external monitor at least this has been my experience with this.

    The first time I booted it up it didnt boot correctly because it resumed from suspend mode so i held the power button down and rebooted and it worked properly. Hope this helps.