Convert a Paper Waste Bin Into a Lampshade for Less Than $3



Introduction: Convert a Paper Waste Bin Into a Lampshade for Less Than $3

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Welcome to my Instructables #32!!!

I wanted to build a lampshade that would even take small hits, without necessarily having the bulb out.

To cut the long story short, my son trains with his scratch built training sword (like father, like son) and sometimes he hits the lampshade. Every time this thing happens, the bulb goes out.

So, I've decided to build a lampshade that eventually will absorb a small hit, without having the lampshade (and the bulb), swinging as crazy.

Please note that for this project you can keep your original ceiling pendant

Anyway, for this Instructable, you need:

A transparent waste bin:

a metal hanger

Exacto knife





Zip ties

A low consumption light bulb (that it doesn't heat as much as the incandescent light bulb)

Even though this Instructable doesn't require any operation around the electrical connectors,

please don't forget to turn the main power switch off, every time you work with electricity.

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Step 1: Remove the Base of the Plastic Bin

Using very carefully the Exacto knife you should remove the base of the plastic bin.

I would recommend first to make an incision all around the bin, and to go deeper and deeper, very slowly.

Please be aware that the plastic may be very brittle, therefore do this step very carefully, avoiding to cut yourself.

Step 2: Cut the Metal Hanger

You just need the straight part of it, therefore using a cutter, cut it off the hanger (38cm)

Once you've done that, cut the metal rod in 2 pieces, bending at 90 Degrees both rods.

Now, using 2 zip ties, connect the 2 parts creating a cross.

Last but not least, make 4 holes in the base of the bin, to slide the metal cross you've just made into them.

In this way when the lampshade is going to be hit, it will absorb the shock, without starting to swing as crazy.

Step 3: Attach the Lampshade

Using 2 zip ties, create an eyelet that you'll tie at the top of the pendant.

Step 4: Congratulations! You've Made Your New Lampshade

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