Convert a Defective 40pin IC Into a Comb!!!!! Reuse Defective Electronics .

Introduction: Convert a Defective 40pin IC Into a Comb!!!!! Reuse Defective Electronics .

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Hello everyone . I am Sahas chitlange aging 15 . from India. here is my new instructable on using a defective Integrated circuit (IC) as a comb. Recently I have been working on a solar project which had the PIC F877A Microcontroller . But due to some cause the microcontroller stopped working and I had to change it. Now I had a defective piece of microcontroller. So a idea of conversation of the microcontroller to a comb came to my mind.

Materials needed for this project are.....
1) defective IC ............ 1 no.
2) A long screw ...... 1 no.
3)hot glue ....................1 no.
4) a resistor for handle grip . see pictures in step 2.

The defective IC we are going to use should have plenty amount of legs to serve as a comb. Mine is PIC F877A having 40 legs. Which is enough to serve as a comb.
Let's begin. ..............

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Step 1: Glue the Handle to the IC .

First insert the drum shaped resistor into the screw. next glue the resistor to screw . now glue the screw to the IC.

Step 2: The Comb Is Ready to Use.

Now the comb is ready to be used. Please vote and comment when you like this You can see VOTE at top of the page.

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