Convert an Old Game Port Joystick Into a Usb Flight Stick With Arduino

Quick Disclaimer: The point of this is project is not to make a cheap game port joystick conversion. The point of this project is to make a versatile and customisable joystick which could be easily modded. the reason for me choosing the Arduino was only because i was having some free time at hand and wanted to breath a new life into my uncle's old game port joystick . if you want to do the same thing there are many cheap converters out there so please try them out if you don want to complicate things

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Step 1: Gather the Required Materiels:

Things you will need are:

  • an old game port joystick (I got mine for 2$ from a yard sale)
  • male pin headers
  • a Arduino uno (approx 18$)
  • proto board or perfboard

Tools you need are:

  • a pair of scissors
  • a soldering iron
  • some lead
  • a computer with Arduino IDE and Atmel flip installed
  • internet connection

Step 2: Disassemble the Joystick:

the first and foremost thing to do is to take the joystick apart and figure out the colour coding of the wires that connect to the buttons .

Step 3: Make a Arduino Shield and Connect the Wires:

Follow the schematic that is attached .

Basically the to potentiometers represent the x and y axis of the joystick and the push buttons represent the action keys

Step 4: Configure the Software :

There are quite a few steps to config this joystick:

  • First go to this link and Download UnoJoy.
  • Next open the Arduino IDE and flash the sample code to the board.
  • now install Atmel Flip and Java Runtime Environment
  • Now put the board into DFU mode by shorting the two pins close to the usb port on the board or by following the tutorial in this link
  • Now open the Uno Joy folder and navigate to the Uno folder and run the Turnintoajoystick.bat file
  • Now unplug and re plug the Arduino board now every thing is set and ready.
  • if needed check the usb controllers option in Windows to check the controller.

Step 5: End Result and Troubleshooting:

This is how the joystick turned out.

sorry for not showing the end result at work.

If you have any wiggling in the joysticks movement please do check the 5v and gnd connections that go to the potentiometers for further trouble shooting please contact me in the comment section.And please do share pics if you take your own attempt

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    4 months ago

    really thank you. I own a club of flightSim friends and they will preciate it like i do.


    Answer 5 months ago

    To play games with a old game port joystick since windows 7,8,10 don't support game port joystick or old game port pci cards