Convert an Old Truck Box Into Rolling Storage



I bought an old truck at a government auction and it came with an old truck box.

We didn't use the box much and decided to take it off because of the weight.

Modern truck boxes are aluminum diamond plate so they are much lighter and rust proof. This one was steel so it was very heavy with a lot of rust and paint peel. I did not think I could sell it on since you can get a new/used one on Craigslist for pretty cheap so I thought I might convert it to some rolling shop storage.

It is a lot easier than you might think and I am already using it, ironically, to store some scrap aluminum diamond plate from one of my sculpture projects.

Normally, I would go full-written 'ibble but since the materials are just an old truck box and some scrap 2x4's I decided to just make it a video.

Shame about the voice...

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