Convert an Apron Into a Tote Bag in an Hour!




Introduction: Convert an Apron Into a Tote Bag in an Hour!

I am a consultant for a cooking product company. I was given a free apron, but I'm not really the apron type. I decided to turn my apron into a great logo tote bag for carrying extra catalogs around (logo has been blacked out).

It's also a great size for an overnight bag, a reusable grocery bag, etc.

Step 1: Cut Bag Shape

First get an apron, remove the strap(s). Fold the apron in half and cut along fold to get two panels.

If you have pockets, use those as a guide for cutting each square. I folded my pockets in half then cut around them. My panels ended up being 16" tall and about 13" wide. I also used some scrap fabric to make a liner the same size.

Step 2: Cut Straps

The nice thing about this is the straps are pretty much already made. I laid them on my bag and cut them to the length I wanted. I made each one 50" long so that it would be long enough to sew down the length of the bag for support.

Step 3: Sew Liner and Straps to Bag

Sew the top of the liner to the top of the bag.

Then lay each panel out flat and line up the handle. Start at the bottom and then pin up the front against the pocket. Stop pinning when you reach the seam of the liner. 

Make sure the strap isn't twisted and pin it back down the other side of the pocket. The raw edge of the straps should line up with the bottom of the panel on both sides of the pocket.

Start at the bottom of one side of the handle and sew a seam close to the edge all the way up until you reach the seam of the liner, turn and sew across strap, turn again and sew back down. Repeat 3 more times for each side of both straps.

Step 4: Sew Sides of Bag

Lay the bag panels right sides together. Line up the seam of the liner and front and pin together. Sew one side at a time starting at the center seam and sewing down to the bottom edge, this will help keep it lined up at the liner seam. Make sure the straps are NOT in the way!!

Once the sides have been sewed, sew straight across the bottom of the outside of the bag, then sew across the bottom of the liner, but leave a 4" opening for turning.

Step 5: Box Corners

Measure diagonally from one corner and mark at 3". This will give you a 2" box to cut out. Cut one, then use it as a guide for the other 3 corners.

Then line up the seams of the side and bottom at each hole, and sew across to box all 4 corners.

Step 6: Finish It Up!

Turn bag through hole. Make sure all pins have been removed!!

Sew a zig-zag along liner opening, or slip stitch shut.

Insert liner into bag and sew a top stitch all the way around. make sure straps are pointed up.

You are now done! Fill it with stuff and be proud.

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3 Discussions


7 years ago on Introduction

really good ideas.. i wanna make it soon.. ;)


9 years ago on Step 6

Yes, the black was the pockets. There were two pockets, so each side of the bag got a pocket. Easy, premade, no sew pockets!!


9 years ago on Step 6

Nice bag, looks very sturdy with the liner and the straps reinforcing it. Is the black piece of fabric the apron's pocket? Looks good and functional!