Convert Old Suitcase Into Camera Case


Introduction: Convert Old Suitcase Into Camera Case

I was looking to purchase a pelican case to store my camera equipment. The cases are way too expensive for what i need them to do but i like the pick and pluck system.

Just turns out i bought a suitcase at the salvation army and the measurements were exactly the same as the 1500 Case.

Sure, the case wont be bomb proof, waterproof or airline compatible, but it will be great to put in the trunk of my car or store under my bed.

The 1501 replacement foam has 3 layers. The pick and pluck layer, the bottom 1" foam and the top convoluted foam layer.

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    I was hoping to find where to buy more foam for any case or my pelican cases. My old SLRS are out of date now!

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    I got the foam on ebay. Looked up the pelican replacement foam part number and used that as a search.

    I had done that and the prices were apalling so I might just revamp the ones I have for my cameras. Lately I think in handyman there was another foam available, I have to look up the price on that, it sounded less expensive...good luck and thanks for your information! 8-)

    Yes but people are less likely to look at it and think "That's got expensive stuff in it so therefore I'm going to nick it". It won't be very good in the rain though but I'm sure you could find a strong industrial plastic bag to stick it in for such eventualities.

    I am lucky to have a pelican case and was wondering how to get more foam for new stuff. The WONDERFUL thing about a case designed like this is you can tell in an instant if you have all your supplies to do your work. Thanks for your time!