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Introduction: Modern Fighter Plane From E-Waste

About: My hobby is making something new with waste material and with low resources which are available. I am also a good Roller Skater.

Are you thinking what to do with your Waste Electronic like damaged joystick, batteries, chips, circuit, electric plug etc.

You can do a lot of art work from these waste materials. Electronic waste materials and their component cause a major pollution as it cannot be recycled easily. We are the people of the modern age it’s our responsibility to reduce this type of pollution by our creative thinking.

Today I will show you how to reduce this waste and convert it into a master piece.

Do you ever think build your dream Fighter if not then think about it and now I am going to make a modern fighter plane with free of cost and an attractive one with these electronics waste materials.

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Step 1: Requirements of Electronic Waste Materials

1. Four 1.5V rechargeable torch battery and one 9V battery

2. Different kind of circuits and chips with their component

3. Transformer

4. Four USB 2.0 female head

5. GLUE- FEVICOL SH (used to stick wood) and FEVI KWIK (used to Stick plastic)

6. Two pin and three pin 5A electric socket plug.

7. Waste Cardboard

Step 2: Front Part of the Fighter Plane

Take two battery of same size and apply fevicol SH glue on the top part of the battery and stick them.

Leave it for dry. Now our front part of the fighter plane is completed.

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Step 3: Back Part of the Plane and Tail

1.BASE TAIL :-Take a three Pin 5A Electric socket plug and remove its metallic pins. Apply Fevicol SH glue on the plug and paste a 1.5V rechargeable torch battery on the top of the Electric Plug .Leave it side for few minute to dry the glue and now the base tale is completed

2.Take Four USB 2.0 Female head from damaged USB cable and Paste the four as a pair of two by glue. Wait few minute to dry the glue and then Paste the first pair to the right and the second pair at the left side of the base tail it will appear as a nitro’s.

3.Upper TAIL:-Take a Two Pin Plug and a 9V Battery apply Fevi kwik glue on the top front side of the battery and paste the two pin plug as shown in the above picture. Apply glue on the metallic pins of the Two pin plug of the upper tale and paste a circuit on it this circuit will appear as Elevator of our plane.

4.Paste the Upper tale into the BASE TAIL

Now our back Part is completed

Proceed to next part.

Step 4: Middle Part of Fighter Plane

Take a old damage Transformer from old DVD player and two 1.5V rechargeable torch Battery.Paste the two batteries on the left and right side of the transformer.

Now our middle part is completed.

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Step 5: Cockpit and WIND Shield :-

Cockpit - Take a small metal piece and some electric circuits with their component.Cut the electric circuit in such a way that it will look like a wind shield and cockpit of the fighter plane. Paste the circuit on the above of the metal piece then our cockpit is ready.

WING - Make two wing of your design from waste cardboard and paste it on the left and right part of the transformer and also make a fin of your own design.

Proceed to Next Step-


Paste front part and the base tail to the front and back part of the transformer.Paste the wings on the left and right side of the transformer and also paste the fin to the upper tail.

Paint it with your favorite Metallic color.

Step 7: Fighter Plane Is Ready

Congratulation The FIGHTER PLANE IS BUILD successfully

Step 8: Modified Version-

Here is the modified version of my fighter plane.

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    Don't throw your waste materials in the dustbin.Think about it you will find that you can do a lot of creative work.