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While I go thru our living room, my music equipment feel like in the right place, always accessible and I see the jacks and powercables as part of the equipment.

Wife sees it as a huge mess that needs to be gone. so I decided to build a box with wheels since the AMP is 20+ KG.

For this very basic tools were needed

  • Drill with wood bits
  • 4x wheels
  • 2x handles
  • 2x hooks (you'll see why later)
  • 2x L shaped wooden shelf supports
  • Graffiti Spray

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Step 1: Making the Base Mobile

For the easiest step, I added wheels to the Base.

In order to support the weight of the amp and protect the wood from bending or braking, I measured that the wheels be right under the supports of the amp.

Step 2: Adding the Handles

In order to make my box portable and easy to manipulate, I decided to add some metallic handles on each side.

This just took some screwing around. literally.

Just for fun I added the shelf stands to the top cover in order to fit it inside the hooks.

The idea of having a convertible small desk came almost at the end of this project. I thought I would need a small desk for the music sheets or my laptop while I was playing with some backing tracks or recording some jam sessions.

Step 3: Adding the Stencils!

In order to make this more fun,

Wifey and I decided to do some stencil work.

That is an easy process however it required a lot of patience.

1. Print out any stencil shape you desire

2. Carefully cut around the white partes of the stencil

Make sure the black bits are intact.

3. Tape the Paper to the boards and SPRAY!!

Step 4: The Desk

Once it is all set,

The cover can fit in the Hooks and is supported by the handles. The desk is for light weights such as music sheets, an Ipad or a laptop.

This was a last touch. I hope you like it.

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    5 Discussions


    Reply 3 years ago

    Claro, es para cosas menos de 10 Klg. Por ejemplo laptop tambien ipad , una cerveza ;) ...


    3 years ago

    Nice design, would be great to have full instructions though. Like how does the box stay together and how does the pedal board hold everything?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi Thomas,
    Sorry for the lack of complete instructions, truth is that I built some of these pieces before I knew this website, so I don't have all the pictures documented.
    This box was pretty easy though.
    1. I just used 2 Inch wood screws to hold the box (3 on each side). Please make sure to drill the holes for the screws otherwise the wood would crack.
    2. For the base, I used small wooden bars as guides for the box. If you notice in the picture first picture, it is like a lego fits in exactly in the frame.

    I hope that helps, I will make sure to be more detailed in the next product :) ..