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So my newest obsession is convertible travel clothing. While this is might be considered strange (not the least because my sense of fashion is questionable) there is just something incredibly alluring with clothes you can wear 5+ ways. Unfortunately, almost all multi-way clothing is incredibly expensive, so this scarf is actually a knock off Chrysalis Cardi.

The Chrysalis Cardi is basically an enormous circle scarf with snaps that can turn it into 3 types of dresses, a cardigan, vest, and cape as well as the usual infinity scarf hacks such as maxi skirts and halter tops. Under normal circumstances, I would just buy the scarf but the Chrysalis Cardi has a $140 price tag and I knew I could make one at a fraction of the cost. Thus, this instructable was born.

Step 1: Sizing and Supplies

The supplies and skills needed for this project is very minimal. All I needed was jersey knit fabric, 3 pairs (6 total) sew on snaps, and matching thread. I also borrowed my neighbor's serger for the edges and used a regular sewing machine to reinforce the seam.

For fabric, I bought a two-way stretch and in hindsight, you definitely want to get 4-way stretch. Not only was my fabric too taut to manipulate the scarf into a shirt, but it was also too sheer to wear as a dress in public.

The amount of fabric varies from person to person, but for a petite version you'll need 2 yards, and for regular or maxi you'll probably need 2 1/2 to 3 yards. I included the size chart from Encircled's website, and if you're right on the edge of 2 sizes, I would suggest going larger because I (at 5' 3") made a petite and some of the styles ended up fitting tightly on the shoulders.

Step 2: Cut and Sew

Start by folding the fabric in half on a flat surface. Measure the length from the salvage edge and the width from the folded edge so it unfolds into twice the length.

For a Petite: Width-35" Length-34.5"

For a Regular: Width-40" Length-38.5"

For a Maxi: Width-42" Length-43.5"

(Please note that because I used a serger, I did not need as much seam allowance as someone who needs to fold the fabric over twice)

Now either serge the top and bottom (the really long sides of the our fabric rectangle), fold the edge over, and sew a zig zag to secure it, or fold it over twice to hide the raw edge and zig zag it close.

Next fold the fabric so you have a square again and either serge then reinforce the open edges together with a zig zag, or just sew them together if you don't have a serger. (You shouldn't have to worry about unraveling it will just look less professional). You should now have a very large and unimpressive looking tube of fabric.

Step 3: Snap Placement

Final step! Sew your snaps on the scarf's inside edge according to the photo provided.

Step 4: Wear It!

You're done! And saved $120! As I mentioned before, I made the wrong size and as such the dresses are bit tight on my shoulders, but live and learn. To find out how to wear all the styles, check out Encircled's website (sorry I couldn't figure out how to add the link) and also search the internet for ways to wear infinity scarves as clothes (the YouTube channel coolirpa has a nice video). That's all for now:)



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    Question 10 months ago

    Can you please clarify what you mean by secure by zig zag? I'm confused with the instruction! is it just a tube with snap placements? Would it work if I folded it in hall and sewed up the opposite site to the fold? sorry i'm new to sewing but really want to make this! thanks

    1 answer

    Answer 9 months ago

    ReyaA1 You are correct it is basically just a tube of fabric with snaps. By secured I mean unless you don't mind the serged edge showing, you fold it under and sew it in place to hide the edge. If I'm still not making sense the photo should illustrate what I mean:)