Dress -Convertible Wedding Style- by Diyheart.com

Introduction: Dress -Convertible Wedding Style- by Diyheart.com

About: With a great love for fashion & DIY, I combine these two passions & strive to make the best diy fashions to share.

Easy and affordable DIY Wedding dress that can convert to different styles!

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Step 1:

Lay your 3.5 meters of satin fabric (45" width) down for cutting. If you want a fuller dress, use the 60" width fabric with the same instructions.

Measure from your high waist (your belly button plus 2 inches upward) to the floor . Cut this measurement part from the fabric.This will be your bottom part of the dress.

Cut the remainder of the fabric into two pieces, lengthwise, for the top parts of the dress. These tie pieces are about 6 feet long so they can easily wrap around the body.

Fold each of the pieces lengthwise once and sew together the edges opposite of the fold. The finished pieces are like fabric tubes: one large tube as the skirt and the other two long tubes are the top pieces.

Have them right sides out.

Step 2:

Find the center fold of your skirt and pin your first top piece then on the other side, add your second piece- you can overlap these pieces slightly. Sew these two pieces on to the skirt part.

Fold the waist edge and sew all around, leaving a small opening to insert the white elastic (your waist measurement length.) Once the elastic is in, attached the elastic ends together then close the opening.

Hem the dress and the top ties and you are done!

Step 3:

The dress can be worn many ways and here are some examples.

We hope you will try this and have fun with all the different styles with the design.

Step 4:

Angelina Shmyr looks amazing in the design and she was super comfortable showing it off.

The dress was made with the white satin fabric, white thread and white elastic. Total cost if you make this yourself is $ 50 dollars or less! Have fun with this by making it in different colors for your fashion dresses!

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    4 years ago

    The dress looks very see through. What about a lining?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! Easy DIY design with multi-styling is the best way to maximize creativity on a budget.