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I've been needing natural beeswax for a project that I have been working on but I couldn't get a hold on it. So I ended up getting lucky and getting a honeycomb, then I had another problem: I needed the honey and wax separate so I could use them for their respected uses. I didn't have all of the fancy tools and machines that you need so I decided to do it myself and just do it as I go. This way might be a little more time consuming and you'll have to put more effort forth but in the end you get a bigger feeling of accomplishment when you finish and you can say that you made it.

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Step 1: Creating the Filter Rig

I just used stuff that I had so I got a glass bowl, duct taped some fine chicken wire over the top, and used that as a filter. It worked really well for me. I you can't grasp how to make it refer to the picture.

Step 2: Using the Filter and Separating the Honey and Beeswax

After you have made the filter you can put a slice of honeycomb on top of the chicken wire and then start heating/melting it with a hair dryer. You just put honeycomb slice after slice on the filter (while washing it off every once in a while) and keep melting them. In the end you will have some honey on the bottom of the glass jar, covered with a layer of beeswax.

Step 3: Separating

Now separating the two is quite easy. You just have to cut the beeswax along the edges and then take it off of the top of the honey. Then you want to scrape of some of the brown beeswax+honey stuff that is on the bottom. Then you have your beeswax! Then in the bowl you just have some honey that you can pour into a jar and enjoy.

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    you will not believe how much beeswax you eat, there is a lot of candy that are coated with beeswax. Consuming wax doesn't harm your body

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