Converting Courtesy Light (door) to LED




Intro: Converting Courtesy Light (door) to LED

I replaced the incandescent bulb with a LED. The light is now brighter and cleaner

specs on LED
12V, 10mm, 40 degree, 5 chip LED, 100ma@280Kmcd

Step 1: Remove Housing

Remove the housing from the door, acquire 10mm LED with resistor (for 12V)(purchased on EBay), rubber grommet and silicone if needed. remember where the hot wire (positive) is located

Step 2: Remove Bulb

Remove bulb holder and insert rubber grommet.

Step 3: Test Fit

Test fit LED into grommet, cut wires to proper length.

Step 4: Solder

Remove grommet and leads from housing, solder wires to the metal leads, remembering which side is positive. If solder does not take drill a small hole loop wire thru it and then solder.

Step 5: Install Leads

Replace leads and grommet might have to trim connection cover for proper fit.

Step 6: Check Function

Connect to a 12V source and check proper function.

Step 7: Reinstall

Reinstall in vehicle.



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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I did a search on EBay, 10mm 12v,. They were sent with the resistor already attached.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    what a ripoff. Its not a 12v led its an ordinary led with a resistor attached,nothing special about that. how much did it cost?

    I'm always happy to see another person out there converting to the almighty LED. Looks cool and helps the environment.