Converting Hydraulic Cylinders to Pneumatic




Introduction: Converting Hydraulic Cylinders to Pneumatic

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in this instructable I will show you how I converted 3 AMC hydraulic cylinders to pneumatic

2 of them worked, 1 failed, badly

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Step 1: Flushing the Oil Out

now you can't just plug a hydraulic cylinder into a air source, it would contaminate the rest of the system
my hydraulic cylinders where from a small injection moulding machine and are made of stainless steel

because mine are made of stainless steel they won't rust internally if flushed out with water, using a screwdriver push the tube cap off and remove the rubber seal so it looks like the top image

Step 2: Tubing

after the cylinders have dried out take some clean, dry tubing and using the parts in the cap of the cylinder your going to want to put them on like in the picture

Step 3: Putting the Tubing Back in the Holder

then you measure the depth of the holder and use it to compare against the hight of your cap and tube to work out what it needs to be

then you just push the assembly into the holder and there should be a click and then it's airtight and the cylinder is ready to be used

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    the cylinders from desk and office chairs are different and I'm not sure have the same tubing valves as the more industrial hydraulic cylinders used in more industrial machinery


    4 years ago

    no problem, just make sure they are stainless steel if your going to wash them out or you they may get rusty


    4 years ago

    Very interesting conversion. I am fond of gas springs from discarded office chairs, I'll have to keep this potential for reuse in mind, thanks.