Converting Videos to MP4 Format

MP4 is a popular video format especially among Apple users. You can upload MP4 video on the  Internet, transferred to iPod, iPhone, PSP, most mobiles, or played with any PC-based MP4 player. Learn how to convert videos to MP4 format with free video software .

Step 1: Download Free Video Converter

Download Freemake Video Converter. The program is absolutely free and contain no ads. Install and launch the converter.

Step 2: Add Video

Add video files you'd like to convert to MP4 by pressing “+Video” button or by simple drag'n'drop. If a file requires cutting or rotating, double-click it and remove unwanted parts or turn the video to 90C/180C.

Step 3: Convert to MP4

Click "To MP4" button. Choose a ready-made preset or create your own one.

Remember: the image size should the same as the resolution of your device. If you don't need a specific image size, it's better to choose the resolution similar to the source one.

Press “Convert” and wait a bit.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    to convert video to mp4 format i recommend to use this converter, great tool!