Converting an Ikea Expedit




This is a very simple instructable about how to convert an Expedit to a small sideboard. All you need is an old Expedit, the socket wrench that is delivered with it and a saw.

A friend of us was about to throw his old shelf out so I took it and thought about a way to convert it to a sideboard for my son to use as a drawing desk.

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Step 1: Harvesting the Parts

What you need for the sideboard are only three parts of the Expedit: The top board (1) and the two side parts (2 and 3).

Step 2: The Most Difficult Part to cut the top (1) into three parts. Measure 60 cm from the left and cut it. Then measure 60 cm from the right and cut it again. It should look like in the picture now. Whoaw... that was difficult ;-)

Step 3: Assembling

The nice thing is that all holes are already where they should be so no drilling is needed. Now put the dowels back in place, assemble the sideboard like in the picture and screw it together.

Step 4: That's It

All in all this conversion took me about 15 minutes. Around 10 minutes to disassemble the old shelf and to think about how to go on and 5 minutes for the rest.

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    3 years ago

    oh my good, I love this idea! I've wondered before what else you could do with these Expedit shelves!


    9 years ago on Step 4

    this is a great instructable.... terrific directions easy to follow understand and execute... also the end result is amazing..... great ingenuity(SPELLING MIGHT BE OFF BUT U KNOW THE WORD) 10/10 perfect build

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    nothing - until now. it's still in the basement. but unfortunately i think i have to throw it out... i was thinking of constructing some other shelf from it but we don't need one.