Conveyor Belt With Ultrasound Gate.

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By Jón Ellingsgaard

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Step 1: The Belt Unit

Get someone to build a conveyor belt with a ultrasound unit mounted on a gate.

This might require some sort of bribe or possible magic. I dunno.

Step 2: The Parts

You need:

A micro controller unit.

A grove board.

A ultrasound unit

Connecting wires.

A computer.

Step 3: Assembly

Tahe the grove shield and jam it on top of the Uno. Then plug in the ultrasound unit, using the wires. Use D7.

The picture is only an example, using a different component in a different plug.

Step 4: The Code

Use this code:

Step 5: Using It.

Assuming that you got it to work, you now have a devise that can scan, recognize and count three different objects. What you use this for I don't know. But now you have it.

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