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You've always wanted a pet and well, sometimes your parents say no. Usually you would just shrug it off but sometimes, getting a companion is important. So today for your sake, I'm going to teach you how to convince your parents to get you a pet!

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Step 1: Research

Research what pet you want. Make sure no one in your family has pet allergies or is allergic to dander or fur. If so, look at hypo-allergenic pets.

Start by finding the certain kind. If you wanted a dog, you would choose a breed. Hamsters, Cats, Bunnies, Birds, and even mice have breeds to choose from.

Then do personality checks. Look for facts and basic and common personality traits in the breed, like Huskies tend to be very active.

Then look for grooming, training, feeding and sleeping habits of the animal. Try to write most of these things down on a notepad for extra proof.

Step 2: Promises!

Showing that you promise is the best thing you can do! Work around the house more and show that you deserve a pet.

Create a small speech about what you are going to buy the pet. Buying the supplies is great and will also help increase the chance of getting a pet.

Work around the house and show that you can help keep it clean. Having a pet means keeping the house clean and pet proof.

Step 3: Supplies

Buying the supplies and also pitching in for vet visits is very helpful. If you buy the supplies, it shows that you are ready to own a pet and are willing to spend your time and money on it.

Create a list of what you are going to buy the pet. You will need grooming supplies, food, training supplies, ID tag and collar, leash, bedding and crate as well as lots of toys!

Present the list to your parent(s) and proceed to make money for it. Create a small container to put your money in and save it up to buy all the supplies you need.

Step 4: Presentation

Put together all your hard work and present it! Gather your family and put on a presentation to blow their minds away. Tell them all of the facts you've learned and all of the supplies you'll need.

Tell them persuasive facts to get them interested. Apply your knowledge and skill to put on a wonderful presentation; one that will make them think a second time.

Even if they say no, keep working towards it. Never giving up is the key, and perhaps if you don't give up and learn more and try hard, you will get a pet!

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    7 Discussions

    Jada Durby

    2 years ago

    This is basically EXACTLY what I'm doing to get a pet bird! I made a slideshow that I'm planning to show my parents, including facts, pros + cons, what to do in case of emergencies and how much it would all cost. I'm going to get a blue parakeet named Indy (full name is Indiana Jones xD). I guess two great minds think alike!!! :D


    3 years ago

    WELL DONE!!!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great instructable! My girl made a list of everything she needed when she was asking for guinea pigs. When we would get something from the list, we would check it off so we would know how much closer we were to being prepared. Pets take care and thought and putting time and effort into learning about them went far to convince me she was ready.


    4 years ago on Step 4

    Great Im gonna try it! Do you think they will let me get a snake? (they are scared of snakes but I want one so bad!)


    4 years ago

    Hey Everyone!
    Thanks so much for reading. I really hopes this helps you try this and succeed!