Cook Using Junk Mail - Make (Paper Logs) - Burn in a Rocket Stove! - Free Fuel!




Introduction: Cook Using Junk Mail - Make (Paper Logs) - Burn in a Rocket Stove! - Free Fuel!

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in this instructable i'll show how to make 2 types of paper logs. great for cooking!

Step 1: Watch Short Instructional Video...

Step 2: Read Description...

Cook (fuel a stove) using only "Junk Mail". How to make "Paper Logs" out of junk mail. use them to fuel a rocket stove. with only a few paper logs you can cook full meals. i get enough junk mail at my house to fuel the stove 7 days a week. works just like a regular stove burner. the grilled cheese only used 4 paper logs. finally a good use for junk mail. free fuel

Step 3: Items Needed...

junk mail or newspaper

optional: cardboard dowels from the inside of rolls of toilet paper or paper towel rolls

paper shredder

Step 4: If Using Cardboard Dowel...

stuff the dowel full of shredded paper and bend over the ends

Step 5: If Just Using Paper...

lay out a piece of junk mail, and place a little shredded paper at the start. then roll a little. then add more shredded paper. then roll a little. keep doing that until it's fully rolled. then bend the ends in. i made several

Step 6: Time to Cook...

just use them as you would if they were small pieces of wood. i use them in rocket stoves. cooked grilled cheese in 5 minutes

Step 7: If Interested...

here's the video on how to build that rocket stove. it's just made with bricks

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    2 years ago

    I did something similar with junk mail and newspaper in a wood gas stove and rocket stove. I rolled the paper into "sticks" and burned them in the rocket stove. They burned great but I ended up with a lot of paper ash going up the chimney and I had white paper ash all over the place. Did you have trouble with that? The wood gas stove was better. I folded junk mail back and fourth accordion style and stuffed the stove with them. It worked great with very little smoke or ash. I am sure you will agree that it's fun to have a drink of coffee or cook breakfast with free energy from something you would have thrown away.


    Reply 2 years ago

    You need to find stainless steel mesh to cover the chimney hole in your
    rocket stove. But you have to get very tiny mesh, like what is used in
    a screen door or window screen. This will catch the flying ash and
    will also serve as a spark arrestor. But it has to be the tough
    stainless steel screen, not aluminum. If you use aluminum screen it
    will melt. I know, I tried it. And melting aluminum is toxic.