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Cook using your car? Sure can! This is a great way to have hot food ready on your next trip or camping adventure. The cook time will vary with the temperature under your hood and what you are cooking. You can certainly cook anything you like, but today I will be cooking Rosemary Beef with Garlic.

You will need:

- A car

- Tin Foil

- Choice Beef 1 lb.

- Garlic (1/2)

- Butter (1/2 Sitck)

- Rosemary

- Salt & Pepper

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Step 1: Prepare Your Food

- If you are cooking meat it is important to first wash it. The best way to do this since you are outside and want to stay clean is to use a bottle of water when your food is wrapped up in foil. You can manipulate the foil as you wash the meat. Wrap up the meat tight in the foil after washing.

- The most important part of this meal is protecting your car and cooking safely. Make sure you use at least three sheets of tin foil to ensure that there are no leaks.

1. Prepare your food how you see fit. I use 1/2 a stick of butter and a few cloves of garlic with 1 pound of meat. Sprinkle on your rosemary and add your salt/pepper.

2. Wrap it up nice and tight. Make sure it will not leak. Do not place this in a plastic bag. It will melt!

Step 2: Placement in Your Car

Every car is different. You will have to find out the best spot for your meal to cook. You must take care not to place your meal where there are moving parts. Make sure that you fit it in a place that is snug and hot. The best way to do this is to take a look one day after driving your car. Pop the hood and feel around with the back of your hand. Find a nice spot that fits your cooking needs (You might find a place that is less hot for vegetables).

The top of the engine block and the exhaust manifold are probably the hottest spots. In the second picture you can see where I placed my beef.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Food

After your done driving open it up and take a look! I drove for an hour out to the beach and it turned out great. Make sure everything is fully cooked before eating! Be careful everything is very hot! Please experiment with cooking using your car and leave me your experiences below!

When your on the move cook using your car!

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    1 year ago

    super creative :D


    3 years ago

    Nice, sSee also: Manifold Destiny: The One! The Only! Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine! Paperback – November 18, 2008.

    3 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    I'd heard of that book long ago, Russ, so I flew to Amazon to check it out and read comments; basically, modern engines don't get hot enough to adequate/safely cook meats or veggies. Everything is steamed, and it just doesn't work anymore. (How I rely on Amazon books)!