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There's always third days its rainy and nothing is on tv. This is a fun thing to do with any one any ages. Ingredients: sugar cookie mix Flour food coloring

Step 1: Directions

First get sugar cookie mix and follow the directions on the bag

Step 2: Mix

Mix the cookie mix until fully mixed.

Step 3: Separate

Separate the cookie doh in bowls

Step 4: Food Coloring

Add food coloring and mix

Step 5: Play

Play with the cookie doh and make sculptures and art with the doh

Step 6: Cooking

Put the cookies in the oven for the desired time on the package. Don't forget to spray the pan

Step 7: Cooling

Wait 5 minutes for the cookies to cool and then enjoy

Step 8: Tips

Add flour to the mix so it isn't do sticky.



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    5 years ago

    Remember color affects taste