Cookie Dough Eggs and Chocolate Peanut Butter Nests




Introduction: Cookie Dough Eggs and Chocolate Peanut Butter Nests

These adorable bites are eggless chocolate chip cookie dough shaped into eggs (eggless eggs, hilarious right?), dipped in pastel candy melts and sprinkled with disco dust.  The nests are made from chow mein noodles, melted chocolate and butterscotch chips, and a heap of peanut butter.  They're just as adorable as they are delicious!

For the cookie dough:

1-1/4 cups all purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/8 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup butter, at room temperature
1/4 cup+ 2 tbsp granulated sugar
1/4 cup+ 2 tbsp brown sugar, packed
1/2 tsp vanilla
2-1/2 tbsp milk
1/2 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
Pastel candy melts

For the chocolate PB nests:

6 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips
6 oz butterscotch chips
1 cup creamy peanut butter
6 oz chow mein noodles

- Start by making the cookie dough: beat together the butter and sugars in the bowl of an electric mixer until light and fluffy, about 2-3 minutes. Add milk and vanilla.
- Sift together flour, baking soda, and salt together in a large bowl, then add to the butter slowly with mixer on low until just incorporated.
- Stir in the chocolate chips by hand with a spatula. Form dough into a ball, cover with plastic wrap, and chill in the fridge while you make the nests (30 minutes - 1 hour).

- For the nests, generally grease 12 muffin tins.
- In a large microwave-safe bowl, melt the chocolate and butterscotch chips in 30 seconds intervals, stirring in between intervals.
- Once melted, stir in the peanut butter until smooth.
- Carefully add the chow mein noodles, using a large rubber spatula to help avoid breaking the noodles.
- Using a large spoon or your fingers (I went with the latter) press some of the mixture into each of the muffin tins, making sure to create a well in the middle for the eggs to sit in.
- Chill nests in the fridge for at least an hour.

- Once the dough has been chilled, form small eggs from the dough and place onto a wax-paper lined cookie sheet. After you form all of the eggs, return them to the fridge for another 30 minutes.
- After the eggs are chilled, melt your candy melts in deep bowls and dip your eggs. I like to only take about 5 of them out of the fridge at a time so they don't become soft at room temperature. For the dipping technique, I like to use a spoon to dunk the eggs, and then take the spoon out, tap it on the edge of the bowl to remove the excess, and then lay the egg back onto a wax paper-lined cookie sheet. I'll then take a toothpick to run along the bottom of the egg to make it as clean-cut looking as possible.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I have some leftover disco dust from my 'unicorn poop' cookies. but these seem neat for easter and ill be sure to give em' a try.

    in case you're looking for disco dust i found a great selection from this company: