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Introduction: Cookie Gum Ball Machine Jar

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What inspired me?

I love this type of 5 minute project. It really is an east one today. With a few materials you can acquire from most shops you can make one of these amazing Gum ball machine styled jars for money, food or LED lights. Feel free to go out of what the route I give to personalise the product and make it your own. This could be a different shape, method or even colour.

You will need the following;

- Primer or white spray paint

- A plant pot

- A glass or plastic fish bowl

- a wooden knob

- A lid that will fit on the bowl

- a hot glue gun and glue sticks

- Something to put inside!

Step 1: Spray Painting the Items

Step one - Spray painting the items

This is such a messy method but its easy, quick and has an amazing finish. Make sure you complete this step in a well ventilated room.

Place some paper or newspaper on your work station, make sure it's everywhere. Even if you think "it won't get on there", it probably will. You can use tape to stick the newspaper onto the wall so your walls don't get paint on them.

Place each of the items for example the main pottery flower pot on top of your work station that is now covered with newspaper. Begin to spray the pot making sure the paint doesn't drip or run. Make sure you hold the can about 30-20cm away from the pot to make sure you don't end up with a patchy, and end up with a tacky, drippy surface. Make sure you cover the entire product.

Step 2: Gluing the Bowl

Step two - Gluing the bowl

When the paint has set and set dry, you need to grab your glue gun. Turn the gun on and after about 30-120 seconds the glue should be melting. Turn the spray painted pot upside down. This will be the base. Wait until its transparent and then squeeze the trigger, make sure you add quite alot of glue onto the top of the plant pot. Make sure you get the rims so the ball shaped bowl will definitely stick. Wait until its set. This will take only a few seconds.

Step 3: The Lid

Step three - The Lid

The lid is like the previous step. It requires the spray paint station, spray paint and the hot glue gun. Place the lid into the booth along with the wooden knob and coat with the primer. If you wish to use a different colour once you applied the primer, feel free. I just stuck with brilliant white as it was the only colour I had.

If your lid (like mine) is in more than one pieces, make sure to take it apart and then sprat, then reassemble once the paint has dried.

When the paint has set and you haven't finished applying coats of the paint, you can now add the knob. Turn on the hot glue gun, and when the glue is melted, place a little blob onto the centre of the lid, then place the knob onto the blob before the glue sets, only add a small amount as the glue could come out if the sides once the knob has been forced on.

Step 4: Finished!!!

Step four - finished!!!

Great! Easy wasn't it? If you find that this project deserves more, add other components such as buttons or fine details. Always make sure you show some one what you have done. I mean seriously you deserve it! Feel free to comment any uses for the jar such as sweets (candy) or cookies. Or even fish. I dont know! Please favourite and follow for more weird projects! Thank you.

Step 5: LED Light

LED Light

When I finished my Gum ball machine Jar, I decided to use it as a little focal light in my room. It also looked amazing in the kitchen but only when it was dark.

Step 6: Money Pot

Money pot

I really liked the light idea but the money pot wins, the reason is that the individual coins resemble the shape of a Gum ball, so I guess it just fits. If you prefer the light idea please feel free to comment!

Step 7: ...

Please favourite this instructable and follow me. Stay tuned into each project I complete and feel free to suggest a few on the side. Thank you so much!

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    Nice. This looks really good. It would make a good candy dish too.