Cookie Pacman Stop Motion




Introduction: Cookie Pacman Stop Motion

 Cookie pacman is an idea I came up with for a serious animation in my animation set design class. I had no idea what to do for my project and it was beginning to really stress me out. I was hungry and the idea of a cookie pacman sounded great. I decided to not only use cookies for pacman himself, but to use other candy for all of his obstacles. Everyone loves candy right? It makes shooting the video AND cleaning up more fun !

Step 1: Materials

The materials that I used for my animation are simple things that  you can generally find around your house.
  • A piece of black bristol board. (for the game background)
  • A hot glue gun (to glue the candy on the board)
  • Scissors or something with a straight edge, even something as simple as a credit card. (to cut the mouths and 'feet' for pacman and the ghosts)
  • Marker (used to draw faces on the ghosts for after pacman eats power pellet)
  • Finally you need candy ! lots and lots of it !

Step 2: Planning

 To plan for my delicious pacman stop motion animation I began brainstorming and sketching ideas on some scrap paper. After checking out google for some pacman designs I did a serious sketch right before I began creating my actual board. Planning is a very important stage in making an animation. You need to have an almost perfect idea in your head of what to do every step of the way.

Step 3: Setting Up the Board.

Setting up the game board is where your planning comes in handy! you need to know where you placed everything, you can mess around with it and see if your planning ends up being what you actually want to go with for the final shot. I would reccomend laying everything out first.

Step 4: Final Movie

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    This is deffinately one of the best instructables i have ever seen!! Great Job!!! :)