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Introduction: Cookies in a Jar

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Warm your loved one's heart and belly with this yummy Cookies in a Jar kit.  Just find your favorite cookie / pancake / brownie recipe and your on your way.

1 Glass Mason Jar big enough to fit the ingredients
Something that has a flat bottom and would fit in the Mason jar to pack down the ingredients
Cookie Recipe and ingredients
Hot Glue
Paper / Printer

My Cookie recipe was for "Christmas Blondies" from a recipe book I have. 

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Step 1: Clean and Dry the Jar

Before starting, make sure the jar is cleaned and completely dry!!!

Step 2: Combine Ingredients

Any ingredients that need to be combined would be done so in a bowl before hand.  I suggest setting up all the dry ingredients pre-measured in bowls so that when you get t designing you can just scope.  As you can see, I separated the m&ms.  I thought it would look nicer in the end, and it excited.

Step 3: Put the Ingredients Into the Jar

Now is the fun part.  You get to put the ingredients into the jar.  Between each layer you want to make sure it is packed down so that all the ingredients will fit into the jar.

Hints on adding ingredients:

Soft stuff like flour will easily mix into lower layers so be prepared.  I tried to do flour layer then m&m layer then flour layer and had to sift everything out and start over because they mixed together and the flour hid the m&ms. 
Coarse ingredients like sugar are good as median layers since they pack good without interfering with other layers too much.

To pack down the ingredients my hubby made a contraption that was a spice jar with a clip that I opened to make it pick up the jar.

Step 4: Close and Decorate the Jar

Close the jar and decorate with ribbon.

Step 5: Make a Recipe Card

Don't forget to make a recipe card with directions on how to make the yummy cookies!  I made mine in word using coordinating colors to the m&ms in a Christmas font I downloaded.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I have never made cookies in a jar but I have always wanted to. Thanks for sharing this! I wish you the best! Sunshiine