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I love cookies when they are hot and slightly chewy :) so No way of buying them and it is really easy to do it.
The most complicated is to get the ingredient !

We are used to eat circle shape cookies but have you ever tried cookie sticks !

What you would need :
- 1 egg
- 80 gr of brown sugar
- 100 gr of butter
- 200 gr of flour
- 11 gr of baking powder
- 200 gr of chocolate

With this recipe, you can bake 8 cookies sticks

Let's do it !

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Step 1: Let's Mix the Ingredients :)

First take all your ingredients on the table and then mix step by step in the right order :

Break the egg and add the 80 gr of brown sugar.

Then add the 100 gr of butter.

When you have a uniform mix of the egg/sugar and butter you can add the flour and the baking powder

And finally cut small pieces of chocolate (I will advice big pieces as you will fell better the taste of the chocolate and it is faster to prepare ;)

Ready to put in the oven with a stick shape :)

Step 2: Baking Time !

Pre-heat your oven at 180°C when your oven is at 180°C just wait 10 minutes not more to get your chewy cookie sticks.

The stick shape is useful to take away :)

Tray and enjoy !

Xavier :)

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    4 years ago

    YUUUUMMMM! Definitely something i would try!