Cooking Toys for Kid

Introduction: Cooking Toys for Kid

Things you need:

1 USB switch

1 Arduino bread board

3 red led

1 light register

10 jumper wires

4 registers

Things you want to do with decoration

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Step 1: Build the Wire

look out the pictures, its more easier to understand with it!!

First: connect the "5V" and the "Gnd" on to the bread board.

Second: connect the red led's positive electrode on "D13" "D12" and "D11", than connect every single led's negative electrode with the registers.

Third: Connect the light register with 1 register to the negative electrode and connect it to "A0" with a wire, and connect a wire to positive electrode.

Step 2: Coding


Cover up what you just made with anything want, but remember to let the light register stay at the top so it can detect the light.

have fun

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