20W Recycled Speaker Cheap and Easy!


Introduction: 20W Recycled Speaker Cheap and Easy!

Hi everyone!

I found some old speakers which we didn't use so I thought lets make something nice of them :)

I designed a wooden box to put them in and painted it.

The speakers I found are two 40W 6ohm speakers, one of them is for the low frequency (the bass) and the other is the middle frequency.

I bought a amplifier on ebay for 3$ and the quallity is really amazing!

I also found a 12V 2A adapter from a led strip which I didn't use and they were perfect for this project.

Step 1: Collect the Parts You Need

What do you need?

- Amplifier:Ebay

This amplifier needs 6-12V and 2A is enough for 2 speakers in parallel.

When you have 2 big speakers which are the same and you want stereo audio, I would really recommand this amplifier: Ebay

- Speakers

Just search for some speakers which are 20w or more and a resistance of the speakers between 4ohm - 12ohm

- Adapter 6-12V and more than 1.5A output

- Aux input

- Wires

- Piece of rubber ora passive speaker if you have one

Step 2: Put the Parts Together

Connect the parts with wires which you can see in the picture.

I also added 4 LED's at the top and a toggle switch.

Step 3: Design a Box

I used wood to make the box, painted it and I'm so happy with the result :)



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7 Discussions

Hi Can you advise where you found the aux input jack? Thanks


1 year ago

Leuk project..

Zijn die blauwe draden rond de speaker ground wires?

Zijn deze nog ergens op het board bevestigd??


2 years ago

If I've got an amplifier 5v is it ok or no?