Cool Balloon Lamp From Cheap Lampshade - Great for Kids




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Ballon as a lamp ? Yes, it's really cool thing. Especially for kidsroom. I'ts not hard to do it.

You need:

- lampshade/lantern
- wire with lightbulb
- rope (not very thick)
- old basket
- some small bags (or You can make them from small material pieces)

Step 1: Making the Balloon

Take the rope and cut 8 same size pieces. Every piece should be 1/3 longer than the lampshade.

Tight the ropes toghether and attach to the top of the lampshade. Then add the horizontal ropes on the lampshade by making the knots with every vertical piece of rope.

Step 2: Preparing and Attaching the Basket

Remove the holder from the basket. Use the very sharp knife or good scissorrs for that. Then take all the 8 ropes and tight them to the basket. Be carefull and check the leveling of the basket. It should be horizontal.

You can attach the small bags to the basket. It all will look more natural with such 'sand' bags. In my case I used small bags filled with the dried grass.

Step 3: Lightbulb and the Little Fellows

Attach the lightbulbholder to an electric wire. Then tight the knot between wire and the top of the lampshade (You can use the 8 ropes endings and tight them to the wire as well).

That's all. Now hang the ballon lamp in Your kids room and watch how cool it looks :)



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    1 year ago

    This is really cute, and I like how you have used the lampshade for the balloon! I have recently made a similar project (that I did not published though) of hot-air balloon lamp fully 3D printed, but on a much smaller scale.

    1 reply