Cool Tricks or Features for Your Laptop or Computer

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some computer tricks.......................... awesome

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Step 1: Flip Screen

hold down alt cntrl then any of the arrow keys. ATTENTION: this does not work on  every CPU   

Step 2: Check Your Antivirus: You Can Test Your Anti Virus Is It Working or Not. Just Follow My Instruction


# open a wordpad or note pad and save this.


save it as . while doing this your anti-virus should stop you. its not harmful either but if the anti virus is active it will warn you. if it does not then your anti virus is good for nothing .

Step 3: Make Your CPU Faster

Now I am gonna show you how to make your pc faster than before. I can make your pc about 200% faster. To make you PC faster than before please folow the steps

# Go to start then click run and then type regedit

# Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then select control panel folder and then select desktop folder. Do it correctly

# You will see registry setting at your right hand side, after that select menu show delay and then right click and select modify.

# you will find edit string option -----> default value data is 400 , you have to change the value Data to 000

# Restart your computer. You will notice that your computer has become much more faster.

(Note : This will help you to start your computer start quickly,

Step 4: Forbidden Name Trick:

 Do you know you it is not possible make a folder with the name "con" ? No matter how many times you try to make a folder with the name Con you won't be able to make it. I don't know the reason.

Step 5: Microsoft Word Tricks:

Just open your microsoft word and then type =Rand(200,99) then press enter. Enjoy the magic

Step 6: Watch Star Wars Movie in Your PC

 : Do you know you can watch Star wars Text movie from your computer. To watch it click the start button then click Run . Type telnet in run. You will find DOS black screen. in the black screen of Dos , type o and click enter and again type and click enter . That's it, the text movie will begin, wait for few seconds and enjoy it . :)

Step 7: Make an Invisible Folder

. Now i am going to show you how to make a complete invisible folder to your desktop. You can surprise people by doing this trick. At first you have to make the folder without any name. So first the folder then right click and click rename , remove the name (by backspace or delete button) , hold in that position. Be sure your numlock is on, if not then make it on. Now press and hold ALT button and type 0160 (remember you must have to hold ALT button and typw the code from the num pad must, it won't appear in the screen) . When you complete typing the code, release ALT and press enter . you will see a folder without no name. At first try it will be difficult for you to acquire the whole tricks but eventually you will get it right. So try , apology if i failed to make you understand .

Now the second part is easy, you just have to make the folder invisible. To do that select the folder, right click go to properties , click customize , then click Change icon and then you will find many icons available, slowly search for a icon that doesn't show, i mean an invisible icon totally blank, select and then apply .

Thats it, The invisible folder is ready, You can also make it invisible without removing the name. Then only name will appear without the folder

Step 8: On-Screen Keyboard:

 Ohk this is the most simple trick, in fact it is not a trick. It's for those who yet hasn't heard about it. Sometimes you may need to type something urgently but if you found that your keyboard is not working what you will do? You simple just click Start, then clickall programs , then accessories , then accessibility and then click on-screen key board . Thats it, you can type through the mouse only.

Step 9: Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Keys Description
Alt + F File menu options in current program.
Alt + E Edit options in current program
F1 Universal Help in almost every Windows program.
Ctrl + A Select all text.
Ctrl + X Cut selected item.
Shift + Del Cut selected item.
Ctrl + C Copy selected item.
Ctrl + Ins Copy selected item
Ctrl + V Paste
Shift + Ins Paste
Ctrl + P Print the current page or document.
Home  Goes to beginning of current line.
Ctrl + Home Goes to beginning of document.
End Goes to end of current line.
Ctrl + End Goes to end of document.
Shift + Home Highlights from current position to beginning of line.
Shift + End Highlights from current position to end of line.
Ctrl + Left arrow Moves one word to the left at a time.
Ctrl + Right arrow  Moves one word to the right at a time.

Step 10: Thats All

i would like to thank tvnrstar for giving me some of these tricks

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    9 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Oh well....

    None of your 'tricks' has to do with the CPU (the Central Processing Unit). They all are related to the operation system - Windows in your case (and XP I guess based on the registry trick).

    1) Will only work if there is a background program looking for those key code. On some laptops/notebooks such programs are installed.

    3) Will only speed up the showing of some menus. No speed up for CPU or anything else, sorry.

    4) That's a leftover from good old DOS times. CON is the (reserved) name of the console-device. For similar reasons, you cant have a file named NUL, COM1, COM2.. LPT1, LPT2 etc.

    8) Yep, that saved me when suddenly 8 keys stopped working on my netbook keyboard halfway through a trip in Africa.

    Again, some nice tricks (I liked the Star Wars 'movie' when I found it first ... some five years ago) but none of them is a CPU trick.

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Step 4

    FYI heres a good article on why you cannot create a folder with this name, its goes back to the really old dos windows days when CON was used as a reserved device name short for CONSOLE't_you_create_a_folder_named_CON_in_Windows_or_MS-DOS

    hope this helps


    7 years ago on Step 3

    Just to point out, that this does not acutally make your PC faster or improve its speed, if your pc is generally running slow and applications preform badly this change will make little difference.

    all this change does is affect windows and how it delays the loading of menus for normal windows etc.

    If you want to read a little more on this hack please read below.

    the only guaranteed way to increase the performance of your PC is to upgrade the hardware within it, the best and normally cheapest speed increase you can get is to upgrade the RAM (Physical Memory) in the PC, if the PC is not that old i.e. less than three years consider upgrading the RAM to the maximum amount it will take.

    failing that a good old fashioned CPU upgrade will help to increase the performance, not to mention regular maintenance like Disk Defrag, clearing out temporary files, etc. your local PC shop will be able to advise you the best on any upgrades you may need.