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my first card trick, my first instructable!

Step 1: The Setup

First, get the 4 aces out of the deck. Then put them on top.

Step 2: Spectators Choice. :)

Now ask the spectators to try to cut the deck into four equal piles .

Step 3:

remember the pile with the aces.

Step 4: The Tricky Part

Take a pile without the aces.

Step 5:

Pick it up and deal 3 cards from the top of it into the space where it originally was.

Step 6:

Now deal 1 card from the top to each of the other piles.

Step 7:

now put the pile where it originally was on top of the other three cards.

Step 8: Repeat

Now repeat steps 4-7 with the other piles, but do it with the pile with the aces last or it wont work.

Step 9:

Once you have done it with the last pile (it should have had the aces) flip over the top card of each pile.

Step 10: Done

Voila! Your done!



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    5 Discussions


    Answer 2 months ago

    Don't let the spectators know that the aces start on the top, so supposedly you get the four aces randomly cut to the top of each pile, if that makes sense


    Answer 1 year ago

    you deal down the 3 cards from the top to where you picked up the pile, then put one card on every other pile. then, where you dealt the top 3 cards first you just drop the pile on top of it


    1 year ago

    That looks fun :)