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OK first of all I got the idea from another instructable and I added some pizazz to it. This is a cd clock but i used my Light Scribe burner to add numbers to the cd.

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Step 1: Tools

For this you need a analog clock or the mechanism, Light scribe burner, light scribe disk any color, a template either one of mine or you can make one, Screw driver, super glue, AA battery.
Now lets get started.

Step 2: Disk

Using your Light Scribe Dvd burner burn the disk with either one of my 3 templates or you can make your own. Once this is done move on.

Step 3: Clock Mechanism

Extract the mechanism from an analog clock or buy one from some where like A.C. Moore. Take the hands off. Place the Mechanism like the picture. Then Apply some super glue around the white stem but don't let the glue touch it. Let it dry. Put the hands on and put the battery in. Your done.

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Three cheers on the use of a light scribe burner! CDs need some extra touch for this application and this is an easy elegant modification. Five stars.