Cool! Cube Solver Robot With Arduino




Introduction: Cool! Cube Solver Robot With Arduino

This product is a cube solver robot with Arduino. At present,there are 3 actions including 90 degrees clockwise rotation, 90° anticlockwise rotation and 180 degrees rotation. The robot executes the corresponding action depending on the Rubik's cube reduction formula to solve the cube.

The type of cube which the Robot can solve is Standard third-order cube(Flexible rotating cube will be more better) The size of cube: International standard Rubik's Cube (57*57*57mm)

Step 1: Show!!! the Robot Solvers the Cube.

See the video, it's amazing.

Step 2: You Just Need These Parts

It's enough for a cube solver.

1x Arduino Uno

1x Power Base Shield

1x External Power Supply

1x USB Cable4x Servo

2x Acrylic Mechanical Arm

1x Acrylic Base Plate

Screw And Nut

 20x Nut M3

 8x Nut M4

 14x Self Tightening Nut

 10x Dual-bandpass Copper Pillar M3*5MM

 6x Dual-bandpass Copper Pillar M3*14MM

 8x Inner Hexangular M3*25mm

 14x Inner Hexangular M3*20mm

 26x Inner Hexangular M3*12mm

 2x Inner Hexangular M3*15mm

 4x Inner Hexangular M4*25mm

 4x Inner Hexangular M4*16mm

1x Power Adapter(5V/2A 5.5*2.5mm )

1x Packing Box



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12 Discussions

Dear bro,
thanks for you , it was great project and great idea ,but the question is : who did you do that without any sensor ?? or even without a camera ?


10 months ago

I like robot solve rubik, This looks like a great project, are you going to be showing us how you achieved it, with source code, wiring diagrams and drawings,....


10 months ago

Congratulations for this nice Rubik's cube solver implementation

No hard feelings, but next time you copy an existing design, do not hesitate to credit the original work.

You will see, it does not hurt ;-)

I hope my comment didn't infringe the 'be nice comment policy'

I kept it both positive and constructive

Can you please give me the actual measurement?

wenhui , can you please give me actual body size , looking at that image it is hard to understand what is the length and wide of this part so that i can make it. my email =

1 reply

Please refer to the follow link:

This looks like a great project and I would like to replicate some of the parts, are you going to be showing us how you achieved it, with source code, wiring diagrams and drawings?

1 reply

Can you please send email me(


2 years ago

This is cool. However, it is not an Instructable.

1 reply

Later,we will tell everyone how to assemble and use.