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Introduction: Cool Dreams

How many times did you have troubles falling asleep because you were feeling hot? You tried already opening a window, removing your duvet, drinking cold water and nothing. Still feeling hot and cannot sleep.

We have a solution for you! A simple and cheap way to cool down your body at night (and during the day of course!). We designed for you a simple "cold sleeve", which can be placed on pulse points of your body - your body best cooling points! Pulse points are places of the human body, where pulse can be easily detected, such as your wrists, arms, ankles or feet. It's just enough to place a cold sleeve on one of these points and you will immediately feel cooled down. Our design will make sure that the sleeve stays in place while you are comfortably sleeping.

Enjoy it and have a cool night sleeping!


For this Instructable you need:

- a sock

- a reusable ice pack

- a cotton wire

- a sewing needle

Step 1: Take Some Measurements

1 - Take an old sock, an ice pack for coolers and scissors.

2 - Make sure the sock is about two times longer then the ice pack.

3 - Put the ice pack on the sock and cut the sock, half of its width. This will create an entrance for the ice pack in the sock.

4 - You can now test the fitting, to make sure the ice pack enters properly in your sock.

Step 2: Put a Button to Prevent the Ice Pack From Falling Out

We need to secure the ice pack inside the sock, so it doesn't fall out. To do that:

1 - place the ice pack insite the sock

2 - find a spot where the button has to be sewed to prevent it from sliding out

3 - choose the approximate location where to place the button

4 - sew the button using a needle and a cotton wire.

Step 3: Make a Button Hole

We now need to make a hole for the button, so that we can secure the ice pack in the sock:

1 - on the other side of the sock, mark the position of the button with a piece of chalk or a pen

2 - cut a small hole with your scissor, approximately of the dimensions of the button

3 - check that the button fits the hole

4 - remove the button from the hole

5 - take a needle and a cotton wire and sew the hole borders, all over around, to prevent the hole from getting bigger

6 - once this is done, check again that the button can enter the button hole

7 - finally, open the button again, place the ice pack in the sock and test the button resistance and the overall fittings together with the ice pack.

Step 4: Make a Cold Sleeve

Now it is time to think about how can we use our cold sock to keep us cool. All we need to do, is to create a sleeve that allow us being in contact with the ice pack on a pulse spot of the body. To do so:

1 - swap the upper part of the sock around the pocket containing the ice pack.

In order to make a stable sleeve, we need to add some sew points at the four corners of the ice pack. This would allow the swapped top part of the sock to permanently being attached to the socket containing the ice pack. This operation also allows obtaining a stable and durable cool sleeve, that can be reused during days and nights for the entire summer. To do so:

2 - take again a needle and a cotton wire and add some sew points between the swapped upper sock and the pocket containing the ice pack.

3 - once the previous operation is completed, make sure the sew points do not fall apart. If that is the case, it is finally time to test it! :)

Step 5: Test the Cold Sleeve and Have a Cool Night!

It is now time to test our amazing cold sleeve for fitting on the arm (or any of our body's pulse points):

1 - put your hand in the sock and pass it through.

2 - slide the cold sleeve over your wrist, to reach the forearm.

3 - in order to maximize the cooling effect, make sure the ice pack is on the inner part of the forearm, where you check your vein pulse

4 - if everything fits well, do not forget to remove the icepack from the pocket and put it in the freezer, so that it will be ready to be taken for a cool night!

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    Nate Barry
    Nate Barry

    3 years ago

    This is pretty neat


    3 years ago

    That's a neat solution. I don't know what it is about our air conditioning system but the upstairs is always hot no matter what. >.<