Cool Flamethrower Gun, HV Spark Triggered

Today we make a cool but still simple flamethrower gun, pest control or scaring neighbors, this bad-boy

get it done! So here we go

BE CAREFUL, flammable liquids and High Voltage god, just be careful :<

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Step 1: Parts and Tools


- Dremel tool (to drill holes)

- Screwdriver (driving screws)

- Jig saw (to cut out the metal housing and U-section)

- Soldering iron (you know why)

- Hot glue gun


- Arc-Lighter

- Wire

- 2 Plastic screws M6

- 2 Nuts M6

- 2 Pieces of copper wire (or naked wire with solder to stiff it up)

- U-section 20mm wide

- Sprayboy / Spray-can holder

- M3 screw, 30mm long plus nut (to hold the U-section on the grip)

- Momentary switch (long lever)

- Switch (as a main switch)

- 4 metal-screws (selfcutting)

Step 2: The Steps

1. Take apart the lighter, one screw in the bottom and you can pull it all out. Remove the frame, clip the wires to the gap and also the wire between battery and board.

2. Solder in the main-switch, between battery and board.

3. Prepare the spray-can holder as shown in the video, cut out a window for the mom.-switch, bend the lever, place trigger button and glue in place. Run the wires up to the rear of the holder, drill a tiny hole and run the wires through,

and glue them to the upper wall, not the sidewall, to make sure they are not in the way for step 4.

4. Cut a piece of U-section, slide it over the can-holder and drill a 3mm hole into the rear, put in the M3 screw plus nut, then cut a strip of 1mm aluminum and attach it to the U-section as shown in the video, it will hold the shell.

5. Print out the template, put it on the 1mm alu sheet and cut it out, drill a hole on the left side (rear) plus two 2mm

hole to mount the main switch. Drill one 6mm hole on each side in the front and another two 2mm holes 5cm/2 inches away from the front-holes, then sand and paint.

6. When the paint is dry, put in the switch, place all the components around it, dont squeeze, dont force, then screw the switch in place. Run the wires coming from the transformer down to the front, and through the first 2 holes.

7. Drill a 1mm hole in each plastic-screw and screw them into the 6mm holes in the front.

8. Copper-wire soldered to the wires coming out in the front, wire through the screws, meeting in the middle, but with a 5mm gap. AND we are done. Oh and: BE CAREFUL ><

Step 3: Instructional Video

As always, this will show you how I did it, if you have questions, dont hesitate.



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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    can you give the links of where you bought the spray can holder and arc lighter? If you didnt biy the spray can you please find a replica online? i have been searching for one hour for these products but i cannot find them.


    2 years ago

    Can you give as much details and build notes on your circuit as possible. I have everything built but the circuit from the lighter i got was too small to solder

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    I have a ignitor tutorial as well. Check it out.