Cool Floating Spinning Disk



bored? this will help you pass the time!

Step 1: Materials

one screw (preferably one that's not pointed at the end)

one high power computer fan

one high power battery

super glue

a platform thinner than the fan, but not longer!

a CD or dvd
that's about it

Step 2: Glue It

super glue the screw head down to the center of the fan where the fan blows up. (the direction of the screw)

Step 3:

hold your fan and connect it to the battery to prevent it from jerking. be careful as to not touch the blade cause it will hurt BAD.

Step 4: Set the Fan Down

carefully set the fan down on the platform and try to not make the fan blade hit it

Step 5: Watch the Magic!

set your disk down with the screw in the center of it and watch it spin!

Step 6: Extra Fun

slowly lift the fan off with two fingers and surf the air



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