Cool Garden Lamp From Reclaimed Cracked Wood Log



Introduction: Cool Garden Lamp From Reclaimed Cracked Wood Log

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If You have a natural looking garden (as I do), this project should be very interesting for You. It is a cool garden lamp made from log and looks like natural piece of wood. The lights is comming from cracks in the wood.

Look ath the photos and the video and You will pretty soon find out how it looks and works.

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Step 1: The Log

The log for this project should be from hardwood (not from pine). It is because hardwood would be more durable. Pine is less resistant to atmoseric conditions like rain or snow, so it will rot pretty quickly.

The best log is from dense wood and with natural carcks in it.

Step 2: Cutting the Log to the Right Dimensions

You need to prepare the log before You cut it. Clean it from the sand and check if there aren't any nails in it. Then cut it to the desired height. Keep in mind that it have to be so tall to fit the light source in it

Step 3: Drilling the Log

There are many different methods to drill the log. I have the chainsaw and the chisel and those two tools works perfectly. However be very carefull with the chainsaw. During drilling You will be working with such manner that You are risking the feedback from the chainsaw. Make sure that You are not tired (to control the chainsaw) and that safety brake is turned on.

Step 4: Cracks and Finishing

Use the chainsaw to make the cracks. Make them at least 1" wide to put through enough lights

You can reuse natural cracks and made them wider using wedge from piece of wood.

To finish clean the top and sand it a little but not to much, to not lose the natural look. After this You can apply the transparent oil (for garden furniture) to the log to preserve it from rain and mushrooms.

At the end put the light source into the log. Do not use heat generating lights. I recommend LED ligths.

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