Cool House

Introduction: Cool House

Step 1: Materials

Glass pane
Book shelves
Stone brick slabs
Stone brick stairs
Wooden planks
Both crafting benches

Step 2: Front

Four logs two stone brick stairs

Step 3: Finishing Front

1 door, 7 stone brick slabs, 4 logs, 2 glass plans

Step 4: Walls

Do this with the rest of the walls

Step 5: Roof

Make a pyramid form for the top using stone brick slabs

Step 6: Inside Right

2 book shelfs, 1 chest, 1 furnace, and 1 crafting bech

Step 7: Inside Left

2 book shelfs, 1 chest, one stone crafting bench, and 1 furnace

Step 8: The Bed

Take one bed a surround the bed with stone brick slabs

Step 9: Thanks Dudes

Thanks for watching or looking or whatever please leave a comment and like and tell me what I can do to improve these

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