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Build an awesome lego mech!

Step 1: Get Your Pieces

Get the pieces you need buy looking at the picture. If you don't have the exact pieces, don't worry! Replace it with the same piece of a different color!

Step 2: Build the Arms!

Follow the pictures to see how to build the arms. Once you build one arm, make another arm with the pieces you have.

Step 3: Build the Legs!

Like last time, follow the pictures to build the legs.

Step 4: Start Building the Body!

This step is long, so I split the step into separate steps. Follow the pictures, and you'll be fine.

Step 5: Building the Body Continued

Keep on building!!!

Step 6: Don't Stop, Keep on Building!!!! :)

Turn over your creation to do these steps.

Step 7: Sort of Almost Done With the Body!!!

After you do the first picture, take off the red piece so you can do the next picture. Then, put it back on as shown in picture three.

Step 8: Done With the Body!!!

Yay!!! Almost done!

Step 9: Add the Arms and Legs!

You just the arms and legs where they should be. The picture is there for reference.

Step 10: Finished!!!!!!




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