Cool Life Hacks That Could Change Your Life

Introduction: Cool Life Hacks That Could Change Your Life

These are just a few things that may make life easier...

Step 1: Phone Charging Too Slowly? Airplane Mode!!!

If your phone is charging slowly, there is a way to quicken things up...and it's airplane mode! So next time you are charging your phone, turn on airplane mode! It's really handy.

Step 2: An Easy Way to Clean Your Keyboard

there isn't really much to say about just use tape to clean your keyboard by sliding it through the little "aisles".

Step 3: How Not to Cry While Cutting Onions; 3 Ways

1: Chew gum

2: Wear goggles

3: Cut both ends, and soak in cold water for 30 seconds, and then chop away!

Step 4: De-stem Your Strawberries!

Although strawberry stems are fine to eat, they are sometimes REALLY annoying. And the answer to this problem (...drumroll anyone?) is a straw. You can just stick the straw in (from the bottom) and there is your de-stemmed strawberry.

Step 5: Hold Your Spot on Your Tape

Am i the only one who gets annoyed when i have to find the beginning of the tape whenever a need tape? Either way, this is the solution to this problem: use a bread tab.

Step 6: The Easy Way of Lighting Candles That You Have to Reach Down Into

You know when you have a candle that you want to light, but then you are like darn! this candle is really deep! i have to burn my hand to light it! Well, there will be no more of that! light a spaghetti noodle, and stick it into your deep candle and light it without burning your hand.

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    4 years ago

    On step three, there are the different ways...not steps.