Cool MCPE Furniture 6

Introduction: Cool MCPE Furniture 6

About: Hey Y'all. Thanks for checking my instructables out! :) Feel free to leave a comment, for any suggestions or what you think tHat I can do. I am into soccer, writing, penguins AND MATH. Bye!:-P

Sup! I'm elisha7 and this is my instructuble on COOL MC FURNITURE 6! :D

So enjoy and LETS GET STARTED.........

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Step 1: Fish Tank

This is the most boring offense

Anyways.... The materials are

1. Ice
2. Stone slab
3. Iron block

Have fun :)

Step 2: Place Iron Blocks

Step 3: Place the Ice

Step 4: Place the Slabs

Done! :D

Step 5: Piano


Black wool
Stone brick stair
Stone slab

Step 6: Place Fences

Step 7: Put the Stairs

Step 8: Place Black Wool Like This

Step 9: Put Fences on the Back

Step 10: Add a Fence

Step 11: Place a Stone Slab


Step 12: Carpet Pattern


Any carpet

Step 13: Dig

Step 14: Put Signs

Step 15: Place Your Carpet


Step 16: Shelves

The cool thing 'bout this is that theres a chest and ya



Step 17: Place First Chest

Step 18: Add Wooden Planks

Step 19: Add Slabs

Step 20: Place Top Chest

Done! ;D

Step 21: Thanks!

Thank u so much for checking out this instructuble and also pls follow cause i hope i get 25 followers in march 5 or sonewhere near it.... Make sure to like what i should do next and hope u had a great time!!!! =)


Step 22: Make Sure to Check Out My Other Instructables!


Bye see u on my next instructable!

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    5 years ago

    Nice job!