Cool Minecraft Furniture 5




Introduction: Cool Minecraft Furniture 5

About: Hey Y'all. Thanks for checking my instructables out! :) Feel free to leave a comment, for any suggestions or what you think tHat I can do. I am into soccer, writing, penguins AND MATH. Bye!:-P

Hi again! This is my 18th instructable! Umm i will show u how to make mine-craft furniture 5!
Its easy quick and simple!! Its also for begginers! :) Have fun!

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Step 1: Drawer (Large)

This is SO EASY!

Okay the materials are:

Oak planks

Step 2: Place Planks

Step 3: Put Signs

Make six of them and you are done!

Step 4: Window Shutters

This is another easy one! ;)


Step 5: Place Trapdoors

Step 6: Close Them

Done :D

Step 7: Flower Case


Dirt/Grass block
Any flower

Step 8: Place the Blocks

Step 9: Add Trapdoors and Close Them

Step 10: Add the Flowers!

U are done

Step 11: Doghouse!


Dog (optional)
Water bucket
Any type of plank
Any type of stair
Fence gate

Step 12: Place the Planks Like This

Step 13: Add Planks to the Back

Step 14: Add Stairs

Step 15: Add More Planks to the Back

Step 16: Add Stairs to the Top

Step 17: Place the Fences

Step 18: Place the Fence Gates

Step 19: Add Water and Granite

Step 20: Place Your Dog (Optional)


Step 21: Thanks!!! :]

Thank u sooo much for looking at this instructable!!!!! I hope i get twenty followers sometime next week also! Comment what i should do next also because it might be one of my next instructables!!! I will try HARD on them but some are too hard that i unfortunately cannot make it. :,( But ohh well I'll give it a shot! :) Make sure to leave a like cuz that would be AMAZING! And one more thing.... Also comment what was your favorite!

Thanks ;)

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    4 years ago

    Hay. Just taught I should tell u, that if u take a end portal frame with a trapdoor, it looks like a toilet!!! Lol. U should try it!! :D