The Only Screwdriver Pen EVER!!!!




Introduction: The Only Screwdriver Pen EVER!!!!

A normal looking, pen with a twist, this is a Screwdriver pen, I know it is not the best looking , but it is descrete, cool, unnoticable and handy in one of those situations. Take a look...

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Step 1: Equipment

One comfort touch pens
One grip for a pen, just take it off another pen!:P
One 5mm or 6mm drill bit/screwdriver head.
If a 6mm drill bit you need a glue gun.
If a 5mm drill bit you need a plank of wood, do not use the wall, becuase it is too hard and will ruin your screwdriver head/ drill bit, a plank of wood it the perfect density.

Step 2: Making

Get your pen and take off the lid and take everything out.
Then get your drill bit.
If it is a 5mm drill bit, place the back end into the pen, then get a plank of wood and push, the bit should be pushed into place, try and turn it, if you can push harder. You can later on take this out and change the drill bit, but only with 5mm ones.

If you have a 6mm, it is different. Get a mini glue gun, plug it in. When it has heated, place the nozzle into the tip of the pen, once it has gone soft, take out the nozzle and push in the drill bit, squeeze it into place. This obviously cannot be taken out now.

Step 3: Finishing!

Yay! This is simple and nearly finsihed.
Now get your Screwdriver Pen, grip and lid.
Push the grip on to the pen, slightly, so it is covering half of the drill bit.
Now push the lid on top, you cannot screw it on, therefore the grip should be holding it.

Step 4: Voila!

There you are, one concealable handy screwdirver pen.
You can make so many variations and it is cheap, quick and easy to make. Hope you like it please comment, rate and tell everyone,to check this out!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    then what is this?

    not exactly a drill bit, but I just got an idea.... OH DAMN! someone else got the drill pen idea :(


    10 years ago on Introduction

    you could just melt some e-tape around the lid and the body of the pen, or use a piece of larger pen body for the same purpose...