Cool Mods for the Sipriani Rifle

Introduction: Cool Mods for the Sipriani Rifle

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This is my first Instructable, so you can criticize me all you want. I built Viccie.B1993's Sipriani Rifle quite a while ago (this is before he made his V 2.0, which I think is awesome), I found some points that could be improved, and over 25 different versions later, I have the best I've made so far. Check it out. If you guys have any problems, I'll post an update or some more photos. Post any questions you have, and don't forget to comment and rate!

I'll just do some pros and cons because I've ran out of things to say.

Very good range
Cool looking
Can go through an unopened soda can (all the soda still inside)

Single shot
Long reload time (kinda)

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Step 1: The Good, Durable Stock

This is the better of the two stocks that I'm going to show you how to make, but it is definitely the one that uses more pieces. You can make the decision on which one on would like to have on your gun.

1. A picture of just the stock alone. You see that it is quite sturdy.
2. Close up picture of the panel reinforcement in the rear end.
3. This picture shows how to connect it to the actual gun.
4. A close-up of the main part of the stock. To make the stock, you connect 5 of these together.
5. Here is what 5 of the previous pieces combined look like.
6. Yes, two blue spacers go in between each of the pieces.

Step 2: The Other Stock (More Piece Effecient)

This is the stock that is for the person who wants the weapon, but doesn't want to have to waste their pieces on a stock.

1. The entire stock.
2. A view of the rear of the 3 layers.
3. Another view
4. Do I need to say anything?
5. view of the grey rod portion of the stock

Step 3: Trigger Guard

This is the part of the gun that protects the trigger from being pulled or hit accidentally. This was a big problem for me at first, and we have had to patch quite a few holes in my house

1. Take your handle, and a red bendy rod with a 2- slot connector
2. Slide the bendy part through
3. connect it into the open slot in the white rod
4. Re- install your gripping things (or install if you haven't before)
5. Follow the on screen instructions
6.Click it in, Click it in
7. Re- connect the handle and use a green 4-slot connector (or what I used) to connect the trigger guard

Step 4: Barrel Support

This is one of the most crucial steps, or so I think. I have used way to many rubber bands, and when I tried to put them all on at the same time, the entire gun snapped in half, so I made this barrel support.

1. As it says, change the white rods to blue
2 Same here
3. Check the notes on the image
4. This is important later, so look in the image notes
5. Another close-up
6. Get ready to put the supports on
7. Put the supports on the blue rods
8. Push it down
9. Push it down again
10.Push it down again
11. Make sure its down all the way (repeat on the other side)
12. Put a rod through that slot
13.Click it in
14.put a y-connector on it
15. Do the same at the front of the gun

Step 5: Front Grip

This is the comfort part of the weapon, as it greatly helps your grip, and also when sniping.

1.Make these two parts

Step 6: Thanks for Viewing My Instructable!

Thanks for checking out my first instructable, and don't forget to comment and rate!

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    6 Discussions

    The Jamalam
    The Jamalam

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hmmm... sorry, but I liked the previous version better. It looked neater, and there is a gaping hole in the stock. I like the grip here, and the handle could easily be modded to be neater looking, so it is clearly a piece of clay to be moulded. Nice work though, good effort. 3.5 stars.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    the gaping hole is because i didnt want to take apart my other gun. and on everything else i agree. i modded it even further now, with an expandable and folding bipod, a really nice scope with a great rectile. i put viccie's V2 stock on it and made a longer barrel. it looks soooooo much better now. shoots nicer to...


    10 years ago on Introduction

    You could've asked permission, but oh well... Nicely done, man.


    hey nice job. 5 stars. you should check out my sniper mods for this gun. please rate 5 stars :)