Cool Paper Airplane Tutorial: Secret Bomber

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This paper airplane is not for long distance competition. This plane is one of my first design, and one of the coolest I have ever created. The new instructional video was recorded to help every one fold the plane successfully.
The Secret Bomber is only for ADVANCE origami folders only. Learn how to control how it flies by curving the end of the wings up more/less. Throw it lightly indoor at 30 to 40 degrees. I recommend you play it outdoor with no wind.


✈ MATERIALS: A sheet of printing paper—Letter Size 8.5" x 11" [20 lb or 24 lb]

✈ FOLDING ADVICE: You need to fold the plane accurately in order to have a perfect paper airplane which can fly well. Also, be creative and adjust the plane if you need to.



♣ MUSIC: Festival

♣ ETHICAL DESIGN: Every of my paper airplanes are original. If I got inspired from some one, I will mention that person on my video description. COPYING IS A SHAME, so PLEASE, notify me ( with valid evidence) if you believe any of my designs is already made earlier, I will give credit to the inventor or delete the video right away.

♣ TERM OF USE: Note that All the contents ( Except the music) on the video is copyright to Tri Dang (Me). This origami is only free to fold and play personally. For more information and commercial use, please contact me.

♣ COPYRIGHTS © 2013. Design by Tri Dang

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