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Introduction: Cool Seed-bead Bracelet

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This will show you how to make this cool bracelet with a few simple steps, and a little time. Have fun, and don't give up! (It's frustrating when all those tiny seed beads go flying!)

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Step 1: Materials:

Here in the picture is all the things that you need.

Step 2: Getting Ready to String

Now that you have all the stuff, you will need to cut 4 pieces of string about 10 in. long. Tie the knot about 2 in. from the top. This will leave some room to tie your bracelet at the end. Measure your wrist and write down or just remember how many in. it is.

Step 3:

Now you will fill 2 of the strands you cut with the same color beads. Keep adding the beads until they all the way around your wrist with an extra 1 and 1/2 in.

Step 4:

Fill the other 2 strands with another color, and make sure each strand is the same length. After all 4 strands are filled, tie them together, AT THE TIED END!!!!! ( unfortunately, i did not do tie them at the right end, so pay attention to the text!!!!)

Step 5:

FInd a surface where you can tape down the tied strands, and tape them. Spread them apart. To make the braiding step easier, tie a piece of string to the strand on the far right. (See picture.)

Step 6:

Pay attention! This part isn't difficult, but it may be tricky. We will call the strand with the string attached strand A, okay? Follow me here!  Now take strand A and put it OVER the strand exactly next to it. (See picture.)

Step 7:

Keep following! Now put strand A UNDER the next strand.

Step 8:

Your almost done with the first 'stitch'! Now put strand A over the last strand. Good!

Step 9:

Now, just pull strand A tight. To sum it all up, your basically weaving  the strands in and out. But, remember this: always start by putting the 1st strand OVER. OVER OVER!

Step 10:

Repeat this process always using the strand to the far left until the bracelet is finished. Tie the end of the strands together with a piece of spare string. Then tie all the strands together securely using all the strands.

Step 11:

You are almost done! trim the extra cord and use a dab of hot glue to secure it. To cover up the ugly glue spot, just glue on a rhinestone, charm, of some other small object. NOW YOU ARE DONE! YAY!

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    3 Discussions

    That's so cute! And I really like the idea of covering the glue spot with a rhinestone :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    i know. I used yellow and orange but the camera didn't show that very well.

    Alice want
    Alice want

    7 years ago on Introduction

    A sunny bracelet, I think you can make it more colorful, maybe it will look more attractive with more colors.