Cool Vintage Pictures for Your Wall or for a Book





Introduction: Cool Vintage Pictures for Your Wall or for a Book

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With a minium of effort You can make beautiful aged pictures wich will have nice vintage look.
Such pictures You can use as a decorations or to make old map or maybe 'very old' book.

What will be needed:
- coffe
- A4 paper
- iron
- printer

Step 1: Aging the Paper

First You need to convert new paper pages into an old one.
Make the coffe and paint papers with it. Do it twice (or more). Then let it dry. If You want regular old pages, then let the pages dry on the flat surface. If You want more natural retro look, then dry the papers on the sun and pour more coffe on them before that.

Step 2: Making the Paper Printable

After drying the paper will have bumps so take the iron and do some ironing.

Step 3: Printing

Aged paper made by method which I'm presenting could be used in ordinary printers. It is flat enough for that.

Now use Your imagination and print some cool graphics. I think, that the best will be black and white pictures, but of course You can experiment with color as well.



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    9 Discussions

    Absolutely wonderful!

    What type of key-words have you typed onto your browser to find such suggestive photos?

    2 replies

    i believe that it was something like '

    skeletons, retro, animals'

    or something like this

    Is there a certain type of coffee that works best?

    Every type coffee will work fine !
    Just remember: the strongest is the coffee, the darker will be the paper

    You can also buy the cheapest one at the supermarket and apply multiple coats on the paper sheet ;)

    These look great! Is there a reason you couldn't do the aging process after printing, and skip the ironing?

    2 replies

    I suppose if you used a laser printer, but don't forget that laser toner (the "ink") is a plastic which doesn't soften with water, so it might pucker or distort around whatever is printed rather than uniformly distorting the whole page.


    I think that You can try do as You say, but keep in mind, that if You are using ink printer, then spliting a coffe on the paper could cause ink to dissolve.