Cool Way to Finish Wood With Fire

Introduction: Cool Way to Finish Wood With Fire

Japanese burnt wood was traditionally done for house siding to preserve the wood from bugs. You don't need to use it to put on the side of your house or to keep your wood away from bugs because I personally think it looks rather amazing! You could use it on any project!

Step 1: Materials

Just two materials needed: wood and a blowtorch.

SAFETY TIP: Keep water around anytime you are making a fire.

Step 2: Fire!!!

Once you have your materials all ready, all you have to do is start the controlled burn!.

Pass over the wood with the blowtorch at any speed that you would like. You can lightly char it or burn it like a campfire. Do whatever you think looks good.

Step 3: Finish

After the controled burn, sand the wood down with a steal brush or steal wool and give it a coat of polyurethane. Thats it! A super fast and easy way to give your wood a awesome looking finish



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