Cool Way to Organise Everything in One Place




Introduction: Cool Way to Organise Everything in One Place

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A simple over the door rack thingy can be used for organising many things. It fits easily over a closet or any door and save lots of space while staying organised.

Step 1: Cleaning Supplies

This is probably the best fitting and useful thing to keep organised like this

Step 2: For Snacks or Drinks

Step 3: For Shoes

Of all sizes. Kids shoes can even fit both in on slot.

Step 4: For Art Supplies

Paintbrushes,markers,pencils,pens,crayons, etc.

Step 5: Winter Supplies or Clothes in General

Gloves and scarves fit comfortably



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    Great because from my reading, I'm not the only one that has trouble finding things once I put inside a drawer...see through pockets here are fantastic.

    Oh, yeah! Those shoe organizers are amazing.